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Welcome to Living Wage, an effort to bridge people across the world through fair trade and responsible travel.

Living Wage Fair Trade is a Proud Member of the Fair Trade Federation & Co-op America Green Business Network
Living Wage links fair international trade with cultural exchange and socially responsible travel. This model, introduced for the first time as a comprehensive concept, uses transparent fair trade to connect the disadvantaged producer directly with progressive store owners and consumers. Advocates and economic development experts independently confirm the existence of a fair wage, appropriate work conditions, environmental protection and cultural preservation. Your participation in this new Fair Trade Movement has a direct, positive impact on improving the quality of life for those living in developing countries.  It also supports small-scale producers and the middle class at home and abroad.  In fact, the Fair Trade Movement directly challenges  globalization institutions that intentionally or unintentionally continue a starvation-wage world trade system  by demonstrating a viable alternative. Fair Trade works right now, its not some dream. We set western domestic standards on all imports and demonstrate that a standard based trade system is the solution to environmental destruction, human trafficking and world poverty. We can work together to change the unfree-unfair trade system. Store Owners and Activists participate in a growing international network of progressive Fair Trade and Travel Stores.

Fair Trade, Free World

Living Wage Provides Wholesale Goods to Retail and Online Stores. Click on the 2007 Wholesale Catalog above in PDF format (top of page in blue lettering). If you have any problems opening it or prefer we can e-mail you or mail you the catalog. Contact or call (850) 264-1805

Tallahassee Area Residents! Make sure you visit our Ambassador Travel under the Responsible Travel header above.  We are sending Tallahassee Residents into the world to do fair trade work. Thank you Allen

Fair Trade Gift Card (.com) is a new project of Living Wage that promotes all members of the Fair Trade Federation. By September first the service will be fully available. If you are a 100% fair trade retail store and are a member of the Fair Trade Federation you can list yourself.

This site has over 30 pages. Click on the four headings above for a summary of topics.  Contact us at: (must copy/paste into your e-mail)

We help people start fair trade stores and even offer help to existing store owners who want to join the Fair Trade movement. We provide fair trade items, travel and research information.  The open source franchise can take several forms: the Living Wage Retail Store promotes cultural exchange through the items in the store and their visual connection to the producers, while the World Traveler Café offers fairly traded products, coffee and responsible travel services, and promotes political, cultural and travel discussion through active community involvement.  Cafe and store models enable local progressive store owners to make a good living while doing the right thing. We work together through the franchise system to guarantee the fair trade nature of products and to operate efficiently.  Store owners tailor the store or cafe model to their own needs and interests. As a center for information and action, the cafe will sell fair trade products, promote responsible tourism services, mobilize the progressive community and support local living wage businesses. Think globally and act locally.  Support a living wage at home and abroad.

Pictures: Children in Pursat and Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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